Thinsulator by Snute

World's Thinnest Insulator

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Your Perfect Drinking Companion

The Thinsulator is a newly developed, patented product that's been dubbed the World’s Thinnest Insulator, a versatile beverage container that’s nearly 350% thinner than your conventional Brumate or Yeti. 

With its slim, compact design, our Thinsulator can fit into any cupholder and is perfect to take on the go. Whether you need to preserve the quality of your canned beverage of choice or want to pour yourself a cup of coffee and drink straight from the rim, the Thinsulator is the perfect drinking companion for you. 



Guaranteed to be your favorite cup

The Thinsulator's unique one-piece design allows for drinking functionality.  Unlike the Thinsulator's competitors, the Thinsulator is a single piece container without an added silicone rim or threaded edges. It's smooth edged rim allows for a natural flow of any beverage without a lip and is perfect to use as your go to drinking container.

The Thinsulator

What makes it different?

Our Locking Node technology keeps drinks secure without a silicone rim while being as thin as a nickle.

Lightweight ultra thin aluminum can insulators that fit in any cup holder.

Durable enough to survive whatever life’s next adventure throws your way.

This can cooler is awesome! It’s great quality and looks upscale, too. Sleek and lightweight. There is not a top to hold it down, but rather knobs inside to old the can in tightly. It’s a very tight fit when you push the can in!

Meghan B.